Atlantic Health System has been made aware of an internet scam targeting job seekers who have posted their resumes on several job posting websites. Scammers are contacting applicants via text messages and in some cases even via email representing Atlantic Health System. Many of these jobs are offered as “work from home” positions primarily in the Midwest. All correspondence with us comes from an internal employee with a valid @atlantichealth.org email address. Anyone who suspects they have been solicited in this scam should contact their local law enforcement agency.

Lead Nursing Assistant

Morristown, NJ
December 7, 2017
Atlantic Health System is seeking a Full Time Nursing Assistant on Deskovick 3 Spine. Evenings, 3 – 11 p.m. and every other weekend.

ASSISTS PATIENT WITH ACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVING: Administers baths (Complete and Partial). Performs AM/ PM care. Performs oral hygiene q shift and PRN. Provides nail care. Performs Yankaur/Oral suctioning. Completes all assignments unless otherwise directed by charge nurse. Assists with meals and feeds patients as needed. Passes ice water and snacks every shift. Turns, positions and ambulate patients as directed by RN. Assists in transfer/ambulation using proper ergonomics and lifts if appropriate for patient. Performs Patient Safety Rounds as per hospital protocol. Provides bedpans/urinals as needed; cleanses well after use. Discard stool in toilet and not the garbage pail. Provides incontinence care, perineal care and Foley Catheter care in the am and pm for patient who are unable to provide self-care. Age Specific Competencies: Young Adult thru Geriatrics.

ADMINISTERS BASIC TREATMENTS: Performs and records finger sticks. Performs surgical preps. Measures and records patients weight (Chair scale, standing scale, bed scale) as delegated by the RN. Apply anti-embolitic stockings (remove and wash legs, reapply every shift), compression boots, foot pumps check legs for skin integrity, Bucks traction. Applies continuous passive motion (CPM). Provides postmortem care. Assists in bowel and bladder training. Assists with reality orientation. Level Three: Administers soapsuds, tap water and fleet enemas as directed. Applies warm and cold treatments. Performs simple dressing changes. Provides basic decubitus care. Assists physician with patient examinations (e. G. lumbar punctures, pelvic exams, thoracentesis, bone marrow aspirations). Collects specimens and Label specimens at patients bedside. Discontinues Foley catheters and IVs. Provides established colostomy care. Supervises incentive spirometer use. Apply/change EKG leads and change batteries with am care and as needed on the remote telemetry pack. Age Specific Competencies: Young Adult thru Geriatrics.

OBSERVES AND MAINTAINS ISOLATION PRECAUTIONS: Maintains standard precautions and follow Isolation instructions. Wash hands before and after patient intervention. Assure appropriate PPE supplies stock by end of each shift. Clean medical equipments in-between patients use with PDI Super Sani-Cloth or Sani Cloth with Bleach for C. Diff patients. Use orange/gold /yellow stethoscopes in isolation room and keep in room until isolation is lifted or patient is discharged then discard. Use disposable BP Cuff on isolation patients and keep in room until isolation is lifted or patient is discharged then discard. Follow Hand Hygiene policy. Young Adult thru Geriatrics

REPORTS CHANGES IN PATIENT CONDITION Level One, Two, and Three: Measures and records vital, signs. Measures and records output from: urinals, bedpans, Foley catheters, Jackson Pratt drains, hemovacs, ostomies etc. as directed. Measures and records patients oral intake. Documents ADL, VS, I & O and other pertinent information in a timely manner. Measures and records outputs from hemovacs, JPs, t-tubes, ostomy bags, wound drainage, chest tube drainage, and wall suction. Communicates using the VOCERA , verbally and in writing clearly, completely, accurately and timely. Maintains personal clinical skills. Keep a copy of nursing assistant report sheet on clip board at nurses station at the end of your shift for 24 hours for reference. Young Adult thru Geriatrics

DETERMINES PRIORITIES OF CARE: Level One: Demonstrates flexibility in responding to patient needs while completing assignments. Complete all assignments unless otherwise directed by the charge nurse. Facilitate normal activity during periods of crisis on the unit. Responds appropriately during emergency and high volume situations. Work as a team member in meeting unit needs. Works in a self-directed manner with minimal supervision, move on to other task when one task is completed. Manages conflict/frustration in a positive constructive manner. Demonstrates active interest in growth, development and change. Opens to new assignment. Shares knowledge with others. Seeks approval of reprioritization of more complex events before deviating from original assignment. Accelerates and decelerates activities as needed with supervision. Contribute knowledge of individual patient routines to the plan of care. Age Specific Competencies: Young Adult thru Geriatrics

PROVIDES AND MAINTAINS SAFETY AND COMFORT MEASURE FOR PATIENT Level One, Two, and Three: Demonstrated knowledge of and practices departmental safety procedures which includes applying knee immobilizer to all total knee patients with Femoral Nerve Block to prevent fall, the safe handling of patients equipments and hazardous substances. Zero out patients bed prior to patients getting into beds. Activate bed alarms on all patient during the last round of the 1500-2300 shift. Use judgment for alarm setting (ex. high risk use the first setting and progress down for no risk patient). Performs frequent safety rounding on patients at risk for falls. Make sure bed function cord is plugged into exit alarm on the wall. Answers call lights promptly and courteously, and provide interventions as appropriate in a timely manner. Stay with high risk patient while in the bathroom as per policy. Makes occupied/unoccupied beds. Ensures appropriate bed rail position, bed brakes are locked, call bell/TV control and telephone within reach of patient prior to leaving patients unit. Maintains CPMs in plastic bag when not in use, upon patients discharge removed used padding from CPM prior to storing in soiled utilities room. Return wound Vac with patients label to Central supply when therapy is discontinued. Leaves patient unit neat and clean. Age Specific Competencies: Adult to Elderly

PROVIDES EMOTIONAL SUPPORT TO PATIENT AND SIGNIFICANT OTHERS Level One: Observes for and responds to emotional needs of patient and/or significant others Reports observations to RN for follow up Level Two: Seeks information regarding teaching goals for individual patients. Participates in the orientation of new employees by assisting in familiarization with physical plant. Guides and directs new or unfamiliar Nursing Assistants in unit activities. Treat others with respect. Level Three: Observes RN instructions. Young Adult thru Geriatrics

PERFORMS NON-PATIENT, UNIT SPECIFIC DUTIES Level One, Two, and Three. Maintains neat environment. Stock supplies. Transport patients. Performs other duties and errands as requested. Keeps hallways, dirty/clean utility rooms, supply bins, and linen carts free from obstructions and clutter. Keep Linen carts covered at all times. Calibrates and maintains glucometers, refill blanket warmer. Utilizes and maintains VOCERA according to unit guideline. Restock bio-hazardous and emesis bag in each patients room. Age Specific Competencies: Adult to Elderly

MAINTAINS A SAFE ENVIRONMENT Level One, Two, and Three: Adheres to OSHA, JC, Department of Health, and hospital standards and requirements. Participates in yearly validations of unit skills. Maintains clean and safe environment for patients and staff in accordance with hospital policies and other regulatory agencies. Set up patient room with toiletries if patient do not have own. Reports malfunctioning equipment to the appropriate individual. Replaces any malfunctioning equipment with back up equipment in a timely manner. Follows through on the status of malfunctioning equipment. Checks for patients identification prior to any intervention. Place blood products into bio-hazardous bag and discard in red container in soil utility room. Do not write combination code on door frame at any time. Utilize proper ergonomics, ceiling lifts and Hover Jack if appropriate for patient. Maintains competency in electronic documentation; utilizes/troubles shoots the system within the NA role. Young Adult thru Geriatrics

DEMONSTRATES PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE RESPONSIBILITIES: Recognizes own limitations and seeks appropriate unit resources as necessary. Responds promptly to bed alarms and call bells. Adheres to policies/procedures for use of NO PASS ZONE, hourly rounds, NPTO, PTO, and use of personal devices (ex. cell phones) limit time spend on social media during work hours. Reports for assigned tour on time and cooperates with all staff, manager, charge nurse, nurses and unit representative to maintain efficient functioning. Meets dress code standards for the Department. Wear identification badge at a visual level while on duty. Uses computerized punch time system correctly and enter correct cost center for area worked. Reports to work and returns from break punctually. Participates in unit based Shared Governance, unit committee work and/or other work related projects. Promotes a positive working environment. Accurately communicates appropriately with all staff members including shift report and inventory deficiencies. Acts as a resource for staff. Young Adult thru Geriatrics


  • 1-2 years of nursing assistant experience in an orthopedic or rehab environment required
  • CNA certification training preferred
  • High school diploma or equivalent required

Atlantic Health System aims to deliver the highest quality and care combined the best experience for our patients and their families. We are confident that you will find success within Atlantic Health System, which has been named for the 9th year in a row to Fortune’s “Top 100 Best U.S. Companies to Work For” list. We believe you’ll find that our culture of collaboration and care exemplifies the value we place on our patients, their families and our employees.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, national origin, religion, age, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or protected veteran status.